About Me

I am a native of the republic of Trinidad and Tobago and have been competing in cycling since the age of 11 years old. Since then I have won several national and international titles with major pro tour races like Tour of California, Tour de Georgia, Sun Tour Australia, Tour of Ireland, Philadelphia Cycling Classic etc.

With years of pro racing experience I specialize in optimizing your abilities in training as well as providing tactical racing performance.

Each client is different and requires individual needs in specific training plans that is suited for you and you alone. I provide acute training plans (though more work) because  family, weather, health or work may interfere with your ability to ride so I can easily alter your schedule daily if necessary for best results.

When I was a young cyclist growing up in the islands, I did mot have a mentor to properly guide me in the right direction. My dad however, was my coach and limited to providing me with international exposure but did groom me into the person I am today!

Because of this I take pride in giving back to the cycling community all the priceless experience and knowledge I’ve gained over the years of my career.