Denise’s Mills (Mississippi) Nunchuck Bunnies

“Since I began working with Emile, I have become an entirely different cyclist. His workouts are specifically geared toward my needs and are some of the toughest, most rewarding workouts I have ever done. In just one year, I have seen significant gains in power and have a much faster cadence. These gains helped me win the mountain bike championship for my division and enabled me to cat up. I have also taken an hour off my finishing time for a 60 mile mountain bike endurance race I do each year. We communicate nearly every day about my workouts and he’s always available to make changes if I’m just not feeling well. I am so much stronger for the beginning of my season this year than I have ever been”.

Raynauth Jeffery (Guyana) CCB/Foundation pro cycling team

“Coach Emile Abraham has taken my cycling strength to levels that I am certain I couldn’t have achieved on my own and in less time than I anticipated. He took a personal interest in my objectives and goals. I truly believe he gets as much or more satisfaction out of my progress as I do which motivated me to continue training with him. I encourage anyone interested in improving their cycling strength to talk to Emile and give his training a chance. You won’t be disappointed. Having raced at the highest level and still currently racing, Emile will be racing with and/or guiding you as he did with me during SpeedWeek and the USA Crit series as well as numerous other races. Once fearful of Crits, I soon began to perform well and was winning in a short span of time. This alone is testimonial to the positive impact Emile’s coaching has had on me. Winning both the National Road Race and Time Trial Championships of Guyana and finishing 4th in the Tour of Tobago UCI 1.2 race, competing against some of the best was the icing on the cake. Emile will show you my stats which is proof that he was able to untap potential which can be released through proper training. You don’t necessarily need to ride more, just smarter. I highly recommend Coach Emile Abraham”.

Guyana National Road Race and Time Trial Champion

Rudy Keefer (Georgia) Outback bikes Racing team

”The hardest part of training with any amount of discipline is enjoying it. Training with a coach that genuinely enjoys Cycling helps you remain consistent and consistently working towards your goals and that’s what Coach Emile brings to training“.

Todd Mitchel (Texas) Bike Barn cycling team

”Working with coach Emile has been fantastic. He determines your starting point then creates a program designed to meet your needs. Through constant communication my program was updated to meet my training requirements. If you’re interested in a trainer/coach that will give you a specific program for you look no further, coach Emile is your man”.

Chip Parker (Mobile AL) Urban South Racing p/b Rouler
“When I began my search for a coach to help me move to the next level in my training and preparation a friend suggested Coach Emile.  Emile had a solid reputation as a competitive cyclist and coach so I gave him a call.  I wanted to ensure the coach I hired understood the challenges a masters athlete faces with training, recovery and time.  Hiring Emile has turned out to be one of the best decisions I could have made to help me achieve my cycling and racing goals.  I have seen a significant increase in both power and endurance under his guidance.  Emile has an excellent ability to balance work and recovery; Emile knows just when to push and challenge his athletes and when to ensure they are getting the rest and recovery they need.  I would like to keep him as my secret weapon but he is just too good and the word is getting out.”
Gigi Carter (Mississippi) Nunchuck Bunnies
I interface with Emile on two levels: as team manager for Nunchuck Bunnies and as a competitive cyclist. As team manager, Emile has played a key role in our annual team camps the past few years. His depth of knowledge and experience has been invaluable to the entire team. He brings both professionalism and light-hearted approach making learning incredibly fun and effective. On a personal athletic level, I came to Emile with a solid endurance base, but always struggled with criterium races and sprint finishes in road events. Emile put a solid plan together to help me grow in this area and over the course of several weeks, I markedly improved. In fact, I saw over 150w improvement in a sprint finish for the same race I did the previous year. Emile is my go-to guy as a race team manager and as an individual athlete.”
Shane Boodram (Miami) 

“After a three year hiatus from competitive cycling, I decided to get back into the game, all in. I was weighing options of hiring a coach then, I saw a shared post on Facebook, where Emile listed his coaching services and figured, this is Exactly what I Need! A certified coach with invaluable knowledge and insight of racing & structured training.

There is no second guessing what’s presented by a Coach and still competing cyclist, whom has been totally involved with the sport from a very young age. Not to mention Pro status and numerous titles to his name!

He uses Training Peaks to prepare, review, assess workouts and precisely reads how my body responds to the prescribed workouts. This removes the guess-work from training, with real, quantified data, translated by Emile, ultimately plots where you are the road to your goals.

Working under Emile’s guidance has tremendously raised my fitness level and overall morale. I’m at ease knowing Emile is in my corner, with Well over one year of coaching, I’m much stronger and well on my way back to the top!”

Kenny Gilead (Georgia) Southern Crescent cycling team

“I never thought I would be racing, as far as, international stages. Emile was very instrumental in getting me from CAT 5 to racing with pros. He was always encouraging. Preparing me throughout the year with series of training sessions,(indoor, outdoor as well as, weigh training)etc. Coach has ridden with me to assure long milages. Monitored my progress through training peak program. Emile took the time to coach me from the sidelines during races. Give me kudos when needed and worked on any mishaps or situations thereafter. I would strongly recommend Emile to anyone who wants to advance their cycling career.”

Conner Reinhardt (Georgia) L5Flyers

“If you’re looking for a committed, experienced, hands-on guide to take your cycling to the next level then Emile Abraham is your guy. His passion for people and the sport of cycling go hand and hand with his fun personality to provide a super engaging and inspiring environment for his clients. I would recommend Emile to anyone who’s willing to put in the work to better themselves, both on and off the bike.”

Olver Turner (Georgia)

“Thanks Emile for your Coaching experience, you have help me to become stronger in my cycling Journey. Guys if you want a Great coach this is the place to be. I went from riding at one level to the next in a very short time and I’m still here and strong. He show me how to become stronger and have confidence fast. Guys and Girl you have to give him a try and see what will happen to you. You will not be disappointed. He is the man. I am 52 yrs old and I can hang will the young guys with no problem. I am having a ball.
O.Turner (OT)